Saturday, 27 July 2013

Suggestions and questions

First of all I would like to ask a question: Are we going to use this blog to post occasional updates with pictures of the piece we are currently working on or are we keeping pics as a surprise for a big "revelation-day?" I know one group that does it that way - I'm undecided whether I like the idea or not.

Then I would like to make a suggestion: I like the "red" them a lot because it offers a lot of potential without it getting into my way in terms of distracting me from my regular work / series. What do you all think about making the next challenges color themes as well? Brown would be a real challenge for me, but I think it would really throw me forward working on that. Besides being able to incorporate color themes easily into my current work, having an over-all theme also makes it easier to put up a group display at a venue like Prague. We could have a big exhibition with one title like "Color" and then have sub-themes like "Red", "Blue", "Black/White" etc. That way, the exhibition would not be a hodge-podge of totally different challenges. Of course we could think up a different theme like i.e. "Shapes" and then have sub-categories with "Circles", "Triangles", "Squares" etc - but I think I like "Color" better.

By the way - I am just completing my second quilt on "Red" - I'm not always this quick but this time I sort of got into a frenzy. And even though I didn't want to incorporate a ladybug into either of the quilts, somehow one ladybug snuck itself in there...


  1. I would like to support Barbara's suggestion of sort of continuing the color theme. I think it is a very good idea for the group to produce a 'body of work' while each of us stays with her own style!

    For me, I would like to see people showing things not only when they are finished, I definitely would prefer that the blog be used as a discussion forum, even a place where you can ask the others for critique. I hope to post something about my red piece, which is also already finished because red was so energizing, in the next few days... Of course, now that it is finished, I don't need critiqueing for that one, but then the next one perhaps. Uta

  2. I like the color theme too.

    I know what I want to do for red but haven't gotten started yet. I'll post when that happens.