Tuesday 26 May 2015

New size, new challenge...

I came home from the show in Prague (and almost a month away from home) with great enthusiasm for getting back into my studio and doing some sewing.  The embroidered piece from Nasrin, the Afghan woman artist, called out for repetition of the geometric motifs she had used, and I fastened upon the chevron and the half-square triangles as the best features to work with.

I must say that our new size is a lot bigger, compared to the old size, than I was anticipating.  You look at the dimensions and see that they're half again as large -- that doesn't seem too huge -- but when you do the math (or when you do the piecing) you realize that it's more than twice the area of the old format.

I had been so happy with the small size of our first-round pieces, because I could whip them out so quickly and quilt them so easily, and now having to make something more than twice as big seemed like a lot more of a commitment.

Not saying that I'm unhappy with the new size, but it is taking more time and effort -- and thought. Which is probably a good thing.
Can't wait for the next challenge!