Wednesday 30 October 2013

Red Finished

 I don't normally hestitate, re do pieces, get the size wrong ete but finally, after a couple of attemps, here is my finished Red piece. 
Paint on to calico, applique using recycled sari silk with screen printed patterns and shisha glass made using sweet papers.

Sunday 20 October 2013


This week Eti Ita and I met up in Ramat HaSharon in Israel.
We went out for a meal and look how much food Eti ordered!
We discussed our latest quilts and it seems that I have made my quilt the wrong size. It's not a problem - it just means that i need to make another.
The whole point of the group was to encourage us to make more quilts so I'll just have to make one more. I have a busy time ahead of me so I may be a little late with my piece.
I have started...

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Indian ladies (Red)

I have a really busy October and November with lots of teaching so I wanted to get my quilt finished. I have just been on a few days Quilting retreat which is a great way to get on with finishing a piece.
I had great plans to really push myself to continue with my ideas for a quilt based on my recent Horizon piece which was long and thin (and due to go to Prague in 2014), but I knew I would need to do lots more sampling.
So I decided to continue with my Indian ladies theme and do a much larger piece. I made a sample which was all painted, I liked it, so started on the bigger piece
This one is about 35cm square

 For the bigger one I added applique using recycled sari silk that I bought in India.I printed and stencilled the background and then screen printed on both edges using a thermofax. I made the shisha glass using sweet papers applied with bondaweb.


Saturday 5 October 2013

The inspiration for this quilt was my father's letters written in Yiddish to my sister who lived in a Kibbutz in 1953. I wanted to perpetuate it by printing it on red fabrics.
Red….first I need to choose the fabrics to use for creating the quilts I want.

The fabric was chosen. What will be the pattern? maybe this?

Start cutting.

Fuse and correct, see if composition and colors are fit.
All is done and ready. Now need to quilt it.

Everything is finished, the quilting, the binding and the sleeve.
Latter 1
 Latter 1 - Detail
 Latter 2

Latter 2 - Detail