Tuesday 25 March 2014

Advice, please

So, here I am in a situation of exactly that kind that I always wanted a group like this for. And it's a way to breathe some life into this blog, make it a working tool.

I am currently working on a quilt which will have a lot of text on it. Basically, it will be a 'wholecloth' - a bilingual text, German parts alternating with English, on a piece of shibori fabric. This is the whole piece of fabric:

I want to stitch the text, using a color for the interior part of the words, and a very narrow line on the edges, alternating between the languages.

Barbara has already given me a full bag of technical advice regarding the stabilizer for the stitching, thanks, Barbara. Now I am at a loss regarding the color of thread to use.
At first I thought I would do a blue similar to the blue of the fabric, and a light gray ('silver' - though not a metallic thread).

But this seems a bit dull, doesn't it? Would blue and red be better - these are two different reds, the one on the right is slightly darker.

My husband suggested dark purple and a pale yellow (the yellow appears stronger in the picture than it is in reality).

I'm always someone to go for yellow, but this seems a bit too strong for me. After all, it's not supposed to be a poster, but something which draws the viewer's attention through other means. We tried different reds with the same yellow:

I still think this is rather a pushy combination.
What do you all think?
Perhaps the dark blue with the duller red from the last picture?

Here's the whole audition I am working with right now - or should I go in a completely different direction?