Sunday 30 August 2015

Afghan Square
Next week I have a quieter week due to some teaching being cancelled so decided I needed to just get on with the International Threads piece that I have moaned so much about. I thought I would photograph it as I went along.
The piece lends itself to do traditional patchwork, but I can't do that - never have been able to, so decided to take the approach that I know, and will paint and print my piece.
I have drawn it out on my calico, and will paint and appliqué the women, I have made some printing blocks and have done the appliqué at the bottom.
Now I am going to print the background - lets hope it works.

Saturday 29 August 2015

New quilt

It's about time to post our new quilt
My suggestion is - Symbols and Signs
It can be Tribe's symbols, it can be road signs, it can be letters in any language and it can be numbers, or any other symbols and signs you can think about.
Good luck


Last month we were invited to Russia by the Russian Cultural Office.
We have an exhibition in Moscow at the Jewish Community Center
It's a trio exhibition of of Ita Ziv, Rahel Elran and myself.
It was a pleasure to meet Barbara and be with her on this trip.

We gave Ita's quilts a great respect and we think that this exhibition will be a good way to remember her.

Afghan Embroidery

This is my "Afghan Embroidery" quilt
It was not so simple to go back to traditional patchwork.
I'm waiting to see all those quilts from you all.