Monday 25 January 2016

Making quilts is better than filling in my tax return form - due at the end of this month, so I have made my Autumn quilt.
When I was in Geneva in September visiting Chantal, and teaching her group, I took a load of photos of the pumpkins in a yard.

I made a small Journal Quilt for the UK Contemporary Quilt Group 6' x 12"

I was pleased with my small JQ so have made a bigger International threads Quilt

I used Photoshop elements and made some drawings, I used Split Print to make the photograph bigger

Here it is in progress
and then finished
The colours look different as the second pictures are taken in electric lighting


Tuesday 5 January 2016

Afghan Square Quilt

Here is my finished Afghan Square Quilt

Signs and Symbols - Gillian

I find working to a smaller size much better - not particularly because of the size but there is less pressure - at 40cm x 80cm, if it is not a great quilt, it doesn't matter, I feel I could easily do another.
I felt inspired to get going with the long overdue challenge
Signs and Symbols
I couple of years ago, whilst in the carpet museum in Istanbul I photographed some carpets with the information next to it, explaining what the symbols mean.
I made some drawings of the symbols and used my Interchange Applique technique.

You may have heard that, in Yorkshire, on Boxing Day we had some devastating floods. It has caused chaos and has been so sad to see so many homes ruined. My quilts were hanging in our local quilt shop, as part of a small exhibition. The water came into the shop to waist high and several of my quilts got very wet. They were in very dirty muddy water for 24 hours! They have surprisingly  washed well.

We spent the next few days helping to clear the shop etc. Elaine from the Quilt Cabin gave me some fabric ( the type and colours she knows I like) for helping so I wanted to use this fabric to make my next quilt.

So, although it is a signs and symbols quilt it is also a Hebden Bridge Flood Quilt, at least that's what it will remind me of.


Monday 4 January 2016

Signs and symbols -- Kathy

For some reason I've been having a hard time deciding what to make for the "signs and symbols" prompt.  When the answer finally came to me I felt really stupid -- it is so obvious!!  why didn't I think of this sooner??

For many years I have been making quilts in a format I call "postage stamps" because I make a bunch of tiny "quilts" and then sew them together in a grid, and each little quilt is not much bigger than a postage stamp.  I love this technique and return to it every now and then, and what could be better than to use the alphabet for the theme?

You can read about my other postage stamp quilts HERE, on my other blog.