Sunday 11 September 2016

Autumn colors -- Kathy

I am embarrassed at how far behind I got on IT assignments -- this spring I did very little but sew Quilt National entries.  But I finally finished the autumn colors quilt.

After I finished the Quilt National things, I decided I needed to do some cleaning of the studio and was sorting and consolidating a bunch of samples that I had made in Nancy Crow workshops a long time ago.  I came upon this piece,

noticed the colors, and decided it might be recycled into an "autumn" quilt.

My first thought was just to take the left-hand part of the composition, trim it to IT size and quilt it, but then decided it needed something more.

There were no leftover bits of the autumn colors fabric in the bag with this piece, but fortunately in my cleanup I had also come upon some yellow, orange and red fabrics that were sitting there waiting to be put away, and I used them for fine lines.  Here's what I came up with:

Green -- Kathy

I've had this quilt pretty much finished on the design wall for weeks, trying to decide if it needs some hand stitching in addition to the machine quilting.  I think it does, but lest everybody think I'm a slacker, thought I would post it anyway.

Several months ago I wrote in my blog about a quilt I really liked in a show, and about the pieced "ladders" that were an important design element.  Somebody left a comment that she wished she could figure out how to make pieced ladders, so I did a how-to blog post.  I used some blue and green fabrics that were sitting on my worktable waiting to be put away (I had given them to a quilting pal who needed more greens for a project, and she brought back what she hadn't used).

So having pieced enough ladders for the tutorial, I decided to make more and use them for my Green quilt.