Tuesday 31 March 2015

Sketch, finally finished

Just about in time - I finished my sketch-challenge!

It all started with my heaps of scraps:

And, of course, the sketch which seemed everything but feasible (a line tracing of a photo of water swirls I had seen somewhere):

I used techniques from the class with Jan + Jean, which I took last year, and in the end, strictly speaking, this is not a quilt.

Scraps arranged on solufix, covered with Avalon film, stitched

under the machine

It waited on the wall for a few days,
trying to figure out whether it needed
more stitching, or was done like this

Check out whether the other orientation is preferrable -
definitely not! But I could imagine a double version
including both orientations, perhaps in a different color range...

dissolving the film and solufix in the sink

figuring out how to do the sleeve, involving the flimsy backing


It is just a bit wider and a bit longer than our usual size - but I did not want to cut anything off at the edges, it needs to be raw as it is.

Thursday 19 March 2015


Someday I'll get comfortable with social media but it hasn't happened yet!  I sent off my 6 quilts for Prague to Kathy, then realized that I hadn't photographed "Lines".   I promise to post it when it comes back home...

Here is "Blue" aka "Things Fall Apart".  It's part of a new series that I'm working on.  The others are very large in scale -  about 80" x 80" (or 200 x 200 cm) square.

Also, Gillian, I have not given up on "Sketch"  even though it won't be done in time for Prague.  You have certainly put me out of my comfort zone with it, but I'm determined to finish it.  I'll post it with "Lines", I hope!

I'm very impressed with all of the work that you all have posted and wish that I could see them all in Prague - maybe next time...

Wednesday 11 March 2015

seven finished - working on sketch...

So I had already shown you my Blue one, over a month ago. Since then I have worked hard (not only these Prague quilts, but...) -
This is my report:

Finished Repetition - pattern:

text messages 6

text messages 6, detail
Then Kathy had this problem about one being too long, and out of sheer solidarity I made one that is also approx. 10 cm longer than our normal size. At first I planned it for the 'lines', then I thought I might substitute it for my black to grey to white with colour, which I thought I didn't really like.

Play of Lines XXXVII
Play of Lines XXXVII, detail - all the seed stitches are done in
four different shades of grey (no pun intended)

But then I took another look at my original solution for the grey challenge and didn't think it quite as bad as I had remembered - so I decided this one was going to stay my piece for 'lines' after all. By then, however, I had already started another one that could have served for 'lines', which I finished, too. Figuring it might give me a good excuse to drop out of making one for sketch, which I was really having a hard time with - mainly deciding, which sketch I was going to use...

Play of Lines XXXVIII
This one is green, because Barbara had mentioned that she had made a green one extra - and, again, it is slightly longer than the usual size, thus another companion for Kathy's long one.
In between I thought I would never be able to really come up with that nice sketch, then made several, neither of which seemed feasible. However, after I finished all of these, counted to seven and thought I could consider myself done for Prague, I finally took the plunge, chose the sketch least workable - and am currently working on it. This is the sketch.

To be honest, the sketch was done on the computer - but Gillian had not said we could not do that, so I consider the method legal. It will not be a quilt proper, but I am doing it in the style of Jan + Jean, the double-troubles, whom I took a workshop with last year. But again, we didn't say they all have to be quilts proper, so I think it's legal. (And it will be faster to finish before the big date.) Kathy can say no to it when we are hanging, if she thinks it's not appropriate. I will show a picture before we hop on the train.

Sunday 8 March 2015

Blue -- Blue Rivers

The center of this quilt was made with organza folds, and the supplemental units were cut out of a scrim cloth that I dyed. Quilting  made in circles represent  the pebbles. 

Lines -- Broken Line

Broken Line

After many trials I reached the final result which – for me – represents the fine life line that can break in an instant.
Fabrics were hand-dyed by me, and were cut as reverse applique. Quilting was made on a regular home sewing machine.

Sketch -- Lace

This work too was made from a whole recycled piece of cloth I colored specially for this purpose.

The pattern sketch was drawn on a paper glued to the back of the fabric. The entire print was made in one line and so it was cut. The quilting was done with my new sewing machine.

Thursday 5 March 2015

Finished with all seven!!!

Here's my blue quilt:

Blue Mountains  (details below)

Made like my sketch quilt, with some fabric stitched directly to a canvas backing, and some areas just thread on the canvas.  I just love the effect, and the process.

When we set up the ground rules for Intl Threads I said I wanted the themes or prompts to be broad enough that I could use these quilts as etudes or experiments for things I wanted to check out.  I have been pretty consistent in sticking to this approach, and have already come up with some ideas that have been springboards to larger pieces.  I think these last two pieces have opened up a huge new area that I plan to work in this year.  So thank you to everybody!!!!