Saturday 27 July 2013

Suggestions and questions

First of all I would like to ask a question: Are we going to use this blog to post occasional updates with pictures of the piece we are currently working on or are we keeping pics as a surprise for a big "revelation-day?" I know one group that does it that way - I'm undecided whether I like the idea or not.

Then I would like to make a suggestion: I like the "red" them a lot because it offers a lot of potential without it getting into my way in terms of distracting me from my regular work / series. What do you all think about making the next challenges color themes as well? Brown would be a real challenge for me, but I think it would really throw me forward working on that. Besides being able to incorporate color themes easily into my current work, having an over-all theme also makes it easier to put up a group display at a venue like Prague. We could have a big exhibition with one title like "Color" and then have sub-themes like "Red", "Blue", "Black/White" etc. That way, the exhibition would not be a hodge-podge of totally different challenges. Of course we could think up a different theme like i.e. "Shapes" and then have sub-categories with "Circles", "Triangles", "Squares" etc - but I think I like "Color" better.

By the way - I am just completing my second quilt on "Red" - I'm not always this quick but this time I sort of got into a frenzy. And even though I didn't want to incorporate a ladybug into either of the quilts, somehow one ladybug snuck itself in there...

Setting up the group

International Threads - that is
  • three times a year one of the members gives a new inspirational guideline, giving us all three months’ time for working,
  • the “deadlines” for finished pieces are end of October, end of February and end of June,
  • Uta has given the first inspiration, RED, and the order of suggesting a new guideline is as follows:
    Ita (give new guidelines by end of October 2014),
    Jayne (give new guidelines by end of February 2014),
    Kathy (give new guidelines by end of June 2014),
    Barbara (give new guidelines by end of October 2014),
    Gillian (give new guidelines by end of February 2015),
    Margaret (give new guidelines by end of June 2015).
  • Members have the option to not participate in a production triad once a year (please let the others know as early as possible, especially if this would concern the order of guideline submission).

Comments/ideas mentioned by members about their expectations towards guidelines:
  • One did not want to have to try out new techniques, because she thinks she has tried enough of that and is satisfied that she has found her way of working.
  • One wants to work smaller than her frequently rather large pieces,
  • another wants to work larger than her usually rather small pieces.
  • I think all of us want to be able to work in their style, and that is going to be the interesting part, seeing how it will come together...

As already mentioned, the guideline for our first project is:  RED. 
And the deadline is end of October 2013.

Wishing us all a successful interaction and cooperation!


Thanks Uta
Just a quick email to confirm that I am now a blogging member