Tuesday 26 August 2014

Quilt no.3

It's Finally Finished .Sorry for the delay.

"Falling Leaves"6 (Large - Small)

"Textures"4 (Narrow - Wide)

Working on Projeft 4
Comming soon.
Ita Ziv.

Sunday 24 August 2014

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Quilt 3 in Progress

I've started piecing this  'change of scale'  quilt ( having abandoned an earlier idea,)  but I'm afraid the indigo vat is calling this weekend...
Hi Everyone!  Well, my Quilt National entries are submitted and my design wall is cleared!  I'm ready to start Kathy's idea of "texture thru repetition" and hope to have something to post soon.  I very excited about being part of the group and look forward to participating.  Hope to work backward thru the challenges and maybe even finish some in time for the Prague show.  Is anybody else planning to attend?

Sunday 17 August 2014



I am currently in a creative vacuum  - possibily due to the fact that I am suffering from empty-nest-syndrome. A sitation I did not expect and hope to overcome soon...
Sooo - I went to my sewing room and started working on my piece on the repetition challenge. This what I came up with.

I have never worked with raw edge up so far. But this time I liked the visual depth I gained by not sewing the squares on to the piece. They are simply attached with a small knot in every corner.
When I was done doing that, I could not decide wether it would be better to cut off the pieces that are going beyond the binding so I left them on there, thinking I could still cut them off later on.
It's itching me to add something on to the foreground, like a butterfly, or some other insect. On the other hand I like this teasing aspect of "something is missing". What do you think? 

Friday 15 August 2014

Late but making progress.

I don't like missing deadlines or being late with challenges. Festival of Quilts is over and have recovered so today started on Kathy's challenge.
We have discussed trying to use the blog more so I thought I would put todays progress on the blog.
I photographed my quilt at various stages today.
It isn't finished!

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Three of us at FoQ

Gillian, Margaret and Uta in front of Gillian's stand at the FoQ in Birmingham on Sunday