Sunday 11 September 2016

Green -- Kathy

I've had this quilt pretty much finished on the design wall for weeks, trying to decide if it needs some hand stitching in addition to the machine quilting.  I think it does, but lest everybody think I'm a slacker, thought I would post it anyway.

Several months ago I wrote in my blog about a quilt I really liked in a show, and about the pieced "ladders" that were an important design element.  Somebody left a comment that she wished she could figure out how to make pieced ladders, so I did a how-to blog post.  I used some blue and green fabrics that were sitting on my worktable waiting to be put away (I had given them to a quilting pal who needed more greens for a project, and she brought back what she hadn't used).

So having pieced enough ladders for the tutorial, I decided to make more and use them for my Green quilt.

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