Tuesday 24 December 2013


Mine is finished!
When Ita annouced the challenge I thought "How awful" I never work in grey! So I thought about it carefully and thought of Iceland. we had a fabulous week there in May - amazing country but the weather was terrible - lots of rain and grey cloud.
I am always in looking at the ethnic textiles and enjoyed doing a bit of research in the museum in Reykjavik
Here are some of the photos I took whilst in iceland

So here is the finished quilt!
I can't remember if you were were supposed to use only one other colour, but I just had a use a few!
Thanks Ita for pushing me out of my comfort zone and forcing me to make a quilt in colours I don't usually use.
I just love it! and want to make some more using the same idea, but this time using my photos from other parts of the world.



  1. This is great - I love the way you arranged the different elements!

  2. can you show us a detail of how you did the flowers? very nice interpretation of the "assignment"

  3. I agree - makes one wish to go ...