Wednesday 22 January 2014


Grey Challenge - "Back To Scissors"
Recently I came across some paper cuts samples I made many years ago when I taught youth groups. It inspired so I decided to transform it into fabrics.                                                                 
I used recycled curtains I painted in shades of gray and from it I created the background.            
Paper cuts were placed on a shrink fabric and from it I cut the patterns I wanted.                                      
It intrigued me so much that I made several models.                                                                          

From: erezziv


  1. I like the idea of working with a positiv and a negativ. What is shrink paper? Did you fuse it to the background?

  2. It is not paper, It is shrink fabric .

  3. Perhaps you could post a picture of the fabric close up, so we can understand better, because I, too, don't really understand what 'shrink fabric' is supposed to be!