Monday 30 June 2014

What I'm not making...

With the challenge of a change in scale, my first thought was to continue my explorations  based very loosely on paintings by Prunella Clough , with a picture  of a whole  door  embedded in a detail  showing textures of that door ( as in Anavriti II  below )   

 So I used a section of the photo below, printed out on cotton and then had a fine time searching through my stash to find orangey  fabrics with interesting wood-like marks.
But it wasn't doing anything for me so I'm starting again with the photos that inspired this 2009 journal quilt below based on door of Queen Charlottes Cottage in the grounds of Kew Gardens.  Simpler , more interesting shapes, contrast in tones and lots of interesting details in the wood grain should do nicely. I've gathered together my fabrics, just working out the construction so apologies that it will be a little late.  I do hope to be able to pass my quilts over to Uta at FoQ   so that's a deadline to work to . 
Ps Found an old blog post in my searches where I recognise my procrastination and need of deadlines in 'Student Syndrome'. I do generally achieve what I want but the stress levels are high!  

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