Monday 20 October 2014

October Challenge - Sketch

I think it is my turn to set the challenge


I would love to have more time to do some proper drawing and sketching. I am sure it would make my quilts look better and design easier. I just need to make time or set myself a goal or a challenge.

So I want to set you all a challenge…

You must show some evidence of sketching

It could be from a photograph, or you could go out and sketch from real life, you could also draw an object inside, maybe from a museum or a treasured item in your home. You could also just start by doodling!

From the sketch you could carry out some design work to make an abstract design or you could paint a realistic picture and make a whole cloth quilt.

You must post a picture of your starting sketch on the blog

So Uta, you did some quilts from your son’s drawing so now you need to do one from your own drawings.

Size 40cm x 80cm

Any technique or colour



  1. Oh Gillian -- I have been so carefully avoiding the S word all these many years and now you want to force me to do it?? this is going to be terribly difficult for me. (maybe I can figure out a way around the rule....) (maybe I could just do some doodly quilting on top and call it a sketch....)

  2. The challenge for me will be deciding which sketch to use ( and the discipline of finishing off the last challenge first )

  3. I shall look forward to seeing all your sketches!

  4. This is giving me a hard time, too, Kathy. But right now I still have the excuse that I am late with Barbara's and have a reason to postpone this... But I will oblige, Gillian. (Of course, I could always pass off one of Jan's drawings as mine - you would never know!)