Tuesday 5 April 2016

thank you, International Threads!

You will remember the gray scale challenge that was the second quilt in International Threads' existence.  Our dear late Ita Ziv was the one who gave this challenge, and the rules were that you had to use a wide variety of shades of gray, plus only a tiny bit of another color.  I loved the quilt I made for that challenge, which was a new technique for me.

I wrote about it here.  Some time after this post, I decided on a name:  Linear A, after the ancient Greek writing that was eventually deciphered by archaeologists.

Linear A, 2013, 16 x 32"

I loved the technique, and the quilt, so much that I decided to make it again, virtually identical in design and fabrics, except almost three times the size.

Linear B, 2014, 42 x 73"

I'm so happy to report that the big one is now in Art Quilt Elements, a juried show at the Wayne Art Center outside Philadelphia, and it won the juror's award, which is the second prize, right after best in show.  And it never would have happened without International Threads.

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  1. Congratulations, Kathy! And I love the way how, despite the fact that you had intended to make 'the same', they are so different in appearance!