Wednesday 17 August 2016


After I returned from Israel I wanted to start on the signs-and-symbols-challenge, because that was the one most overdue. (I hate being overdue, which is a constant status of mine at the library, too....) Instead, with Gillian's new challenge on my mind I went ahead and did the one to meet my challenge, 'green'.

It uses a piece of green hand-dyed linen which had been begging me to do something with it. And it uses a study piece I made in an online class where we were supposed to make a sketch letting us be inspired by a famous artist (for which I chose a mixture of M. Rothko and J. Albers).

This is what it looked like before it became part of this challenge - it had some machine quilting and some hand stitching, but it just didn't seem finished, and I was still debating which direction would be the most appropriate:

So I turned it by 180 degrees, added to the batting and the background and put my green linen around it.

Some more hand stitching, some quilting on the longarm, and a few other things added:

And this is the completed piece (no tunnel yet, but I am working on that one...).

"Greening Rothko", by Uta Lenk

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