Saturday 12 November 2016

Opening in Munich, at Quilt und Textilkunst Galerie

Friday evening we had the opening of our exhibition in Munich. A select crowd of interested people came, and we were very happy to get a chance to talk to most of them.

Christine Köhne, owner of the gallery, during her opening words

Barbara and Uta, as Uta is giving a short introduction of the group

part of the crowd, listening

Everybody agreed that it is indeed a very nice exhibition. We are showing 58 quilts in total. In one section, a small retrospective of Ita's work is assembled together, with a few more of her quilts throughout the gallery as well.

Here is a walk through the entire gallery, starting upstairs, in the section that features the challenge "Blue".


"Blue" merging into the "Gray with dash of color" -
we are moving from right to left!

"Gray with a dash of color" - and on the left side you can see upcoming "Red"

more "Red", with two new "Signs and Symbols" on the left
A "Sgins and Symbols" in a function of transitioning between "Red" and "Green"


"Green" moving into "Autumn Colors"

"Autumn Colors", and a larger "Signs and Symbols" on the left

Four slightly larger pieces, in a very difficult-to-hang-them-up spot above a staircase

Uta Lenk, Barbara Lange, in front of their 'Blue" Quilts

The exhibition is open until December 3, Monday through Friday from 10  to 6, and Saturdays 10 to 4.
We hope that many of you will go and take a look!

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  1. This looks lovely, will you be going anywhere else with the exhibit?
    Sandy in the UK