Friday 1 November 2013

Better than nothing

I've been swamped for the last couple of months and am shamefully behind in my project, but here it is the last day of the month (the deadline) and I have finished piecing the top -- so at least you can see that I'm alive.

I have used this style of piecing before, such as in my quilt "Big Ice" that is traveling in the SAQA Seasonal Palette exhibit.  I'm also partway through a large project using this style of piecing with commercial stripe fabrics.  But here I'm experimenting with commercial prints other than stripes, the first time I've tried that approach.  I was happy to have this assignment to push me into the experiment.

Big Ice

So here's the new one, still without a name:

Not sure I have handled the transitions between fabrics as well as I would like, but that's something to work on in subsequent projects. Right now I'm enjoying the reds and am pleased with the way this one is turning out.  I particularly like the way the large polka dot print in the center has gotten distorted through the fracturing and re-piecing, an effect you don't get with smaller-scale prints.

I'll post again when I finish the quilting, which may not get done until after the holidays.

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