Sunday 23 November 2014

Quilt No 3 Change of scale: Mended Door

Quilt number 3 finally completed after several months marinating on the design wall.  The smaller scale area  is a photo of part of a patched, mended door with newer wood inserts among the old on Queen Charlottes Cottage in the grounds of Kew Gardens. The larger scale  shapes and colours are based on some of the sections of the photo, a mixture of African batik, hand dyed and monoprints with acrylic paint.  I  used different weight threads ( 40 and 12) in these areas to further emphasise the change of scale.
I'm not having much luck with  my measurements when cutting down for binding, This quilt is actually 40 x 79 cm as the quilting with 12wt thread drew up the fabric more than anticipated. Red Stapelia  is 39 x 80 cm as I made exactly the same mistake as I did  with grey fingerprint quilt despite writing down all the measurements!

1 comment:

  1. Looks almost as if it fits into the grey-challenge as well. Very interesting motif - I had to look more than twice to see whether it was fabric or painted or photo. Neat idea to change scale of threads, too!
    And I think we can perfectly well tolerate differences in width/height of one or two centimeters.
    Do you also have as the German are saying "Don't be more popely than the pope"? You are the one who said there is no quilt police. Looking forward to seeing it in real.