Friday 10 April 2015

International Threads in Prague

Kathy Loomis arrived in Germany on Tuesday, 

and yesterday we took the train to Prague, where International Thread is having its first international exhibition.

Together with Barbara, who was already there when we arrived, we worked hard putting it all up. 

At first we were debating whether we would put up each member’s quilts together, but eventually we decided on arranging them ‘by assignment’: Red, From Grey to White with a Dash of Color, Repetition and Pattern, Change of Scale, Lines, Proof of Sketch, Blue.
We have six sections of panels, and the sides to the entire arrangement, which fits perfectly to the number of seven assignments. In order to arrive at an even distribution, and because some members had made a couple of extra quilts, we were able to have six assignments arranged all in one section (with only one or two ‘redefinitions’ due to a more coherent arrangement).

We were finished just before eight o’clock in the evening, worn out after a long day. And very proud of a coherent and interesting exhibition on display, starting at 12 noon today.

(More pictures tomorrow.)

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