Saturday 11 April 2015

Pictures of the exhibition in Prague

We put the quilts up sorted by assignments. We have six booths, each of which takes one assignment (with two minor 'redefinitions' of pieces that fit equally well into another booth, simply for reasons of symmetrical distribution).

This is assignment Red:

This is "Grey with a little bit of color":

This is "Blue":

One of Barbara's is on the right hand panel which you can't see on this picture.

Assignment "Lines":

The green one on the left is Uta's Play of Lines XXXVII

Assignment "Repetition and Pattern":

Assignments "Change of Scale" is split up into the two head panels:

And a has-to-be-combined view of "Proof of Sketch" (with aredefined piece by Gillian):


  1. Well done on the hanging - looks brilliant

  2. The show looks fantastic! Well done, ladies, and THANK YOU!

  3. Hi International Threads.. It was a lovely show and beautifully presented

  4. What a stunning array of textile art. Congratulations.