Friday 9 August 2013

Red: check

I will apologize right now for already being done with my pieces - I don't want to impose any pressure on anybody. It just so happened that I have been teaching a class of mentally challenged adults and just to keep my own sanity I took to the sewing machine.

This little fellow is 40 x 80 cm. I really had not intended on making a lady bug at all. In fact, I was determined NOT to make one, because they are too cute. But as soon as I was done piecing, it occured to me that the center circle looked just like a lady bug - so I did what the quilt was telling me to do and made a little friend for him.

The right picture was taken in the dark (you can tell, I guess ;-) ) to demonstrate the glow-in-the-dark thread I used to quilt the upper left stripe.  Taking pictures of the dark version is always a pain - I need to set my camera to the highest light sensitivity and then I have exposure times of two minutes and more. 

Since I didn't realize we had settled on the 40 x 80 size, I made a second piece, which is 150 x 180 cm. Both quilts are silk. This time I added three termites. And no glow-in-the-dark thread. And it doesn't matter at all that it doesn't fit our size requirements, because I have a second group in Dallas, Texas that is also doing a red challenge and it fits perfectly into their set of rules.

Oh - and then I decided to take a break from spirals. I will stick to the insects and to the monochrom scheme, but I have a few changes in mind. Next week I have a wonderful week off of work - and the kids are either at work or on vacation - so I have a great week of sewing ahead of me!

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