Friday 2 August 2013


I wasn't sure if we were going to show the progress of our work so since Uta has put hers on the blog I thought i would do as well.
I have been known to change my mind so i might do something else, especially as I like working in Red.
I have made a few quilts using fabrics, carpets in a shop as the source of inspiration and I love Indian textiles so I made a few drawings shown here

So I spent some time this week, in between getting ready for the Festival of Quilts, printing and stencilling some fabrics- no photos.
Now I just need to decide how much piecing and applique I do.
I must be in a red mode as yesterday I started making a new Voyage quilt - it's only A3 and needs some  more painting and printing on it but it is getting there. It's a pity the Thermofax screens dont join up like i wanted them do but maybe with some stitching it wont show the gaps

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