Tuesday 13 August 2013

Red Connections Sample

 I  ran into Gillian at FoQ and showed her my  sample piece for 'Red' - a section of old red and white quilt painted with acrylics using torn masking tape samples. I aim to make a piece 60 x 120cm for an exhibition I've  been invited to contribute to on the theme of 'connections'.  

I was really pleased with how a similar piece 'Nautical Dawn' turned out and I received some lovely comments from people so i'm looking foward to stitching new piece to death once painted!


  1. Very interesting piece! I didn't get that about the connections exhibiton: was it already on display or is there a second "connections" show?

  2. I agree with Barbara - very interesting. Is it all done in this Kanshi-manner? And that is what you are planning for the red one, too? Happy stitching!